July: the month of Rubies

Tuesday August 4th, 2015


It’s July, and this month’s birthstone is a particularly coveted gemstone, the ruby. For centuries the ruby has been considered the ‘king of gems’ and was desired by many kings and emperors of the past. The fiery red colour of rubies represent the sizzling heat of July, and reflect the past and present belief that rubies represent passion, love, devotion and confidence. Today you don’t have to be a king or emperor to own a ruby, so why not let Haywards create a bespoke piece of jewellery that represents some of your, or your loved one’s virtues?

Rubies were first found and named ‘king of gems’ in ancient India, and during this time people believed if they worshipped Krishna with rubies then in the next life they would become emperors. In ancient Burma due to its deep red colour, rubies were associated with blood, and therefore were categorised as the stone of soldiers. Burmese soldiers believed that if they inserted rubies into the flesh of their arm they would be protected from battle-inflicted wounds. At Haywards we can’t guarantee a piece of ruby jewellery will have these powers, but we can say that the deep red colour of rubies are perfect to represent your passion and love.

Impressively rubies reach a 9 on the Mors scale and therefore are the hardest natural gemstones in the world, second only to diamonds. They can be found in mineral deposits across the world including Thailand, Pakistan, Africa and Burma (Myanmar), which has been a source of rubies since at least 600AD. Rubies are formed from the mineral corundum, which in a pure form is colourless but with other traces of elements such as aluminium oxide and chrome, its colour changes and consequently gemstones such as rubies and sapphires are formed. Only red corundum is categorised as rubies, any other colour variant is considered to be a sapphire, making rubies not only a close relation to sapphires but rarer and therefore more valuable.


Due to its intense fiery red colour, rubies are associated with burning passion and love, but not every ruby is the same type or colour. Some may wonder which ruby is the best, or perhaps the most valuable? The colour of a Burmese ruby is deep red with hints of blue, and typically this is the most desirable and expensive type of ruby. Rubies with this colour are named Burmese rubies but does not necessarily mean they originate from deposits in Burma (Myanmar). Thai rubies are darker than Burmese rubies, with a hint of burgundy and then there are Tanzania rubies, which are an exquisite but much browner colour. Another highly valued type of ruby is one which exhibits asterism and has a high level of transparency; known as a ‘star ruby’. Regardless of this, personal preference is important, and at Haywards we want to give you every choice possible, and that includes choosing the exact stones you would like in your jewellery piece, so which type of ruby do you like best?

At Haywards we have a passion for gemstone jewellery, and with this month being July there’s nothing more hot and desirable than a piece of ruby jewellery, whether it be rings, necklaces, pendants or bracelets. Yet rubies also compliment other gemstones such as diamonds and are perfect for adding an extra statement or meaning to your piece. Do you have a loved one born in July, or a special anniversary in July? Or do you or your loved one identify with what rubies represent; passion, love, devotion and confidence? Inspire us to design and craft the piece of jewellery which means something to you.